Raw Video Between Jade Helm Military And Militia In Texas!!! It Is Bone Rattling…



Jade Helm Breaking News!!! Video shows what appears to be fighting in the streets  of Whitney,TX. this morning in an all out gun battle with Texas Militia members. Jade Helm protesters apparently confront military during “drill” and all hell breaks loose. Watch the video and let me know what you think.

By Dani Mcpherson, The Pete Santilli Show

Special thanks to the original youtube channel for the video footage

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  • QiTH8N

    This is NOT Jade Helm, some PoS Hack named “Google Plus Sucks” is trolling people and posted this video using footage of a 2012 Drill in North Carolina and claimed it as his own. Here is the original video from 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwTdWjhs3-Y

    • JJ James

      the video is from 2012 AND NOT ANY THING TO EVEN DO WITH JADE HELM
      WHATS SO EVER LOOK HERE IT IS FROM POSTED FROM 3 YEARS AGO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwTdWjhs3-Y

    • JJ James

      Google plus sucks whos name should-be “sucks-govermentballs-paid-internet-troll-disifoagents-suck” keeps deleating any posts to the link of the real video from 3 years ago. So even when he knows this if fake still wants to stir people up and get them scared… I bet this scum bag is trying to get some one to flip out and go attack the millirary so they can say on the news that some “Nut case conspiracy theorist thinking the army is coming to get there guns and who hates Obama was told by alex jones to go attack us troops conducting an exercise
      even tho alex jones is the only media source thats shouting from the roof tops every day for about 2 months not that its just a freaking drill and not any thing to do with marshal law whats so ever. and every day the main steam media says that hes saying it is and that he wants people to go attack the jade helm members.. Tho its funny they are always careful not to link to him and let any one go find out that hes never said any such thing.

      • QiTH8N

        Its ok JJ, I’ve fire bombed the shit out of his Youtube page with comments, if he wants to delete them, it will take him all night. LOL!

  • Scott Miller

    I know let’s stand in the open when allegedly live ammo is flying

  • Rick Derris

    I’m glad that we conservatives now live in a world where we can say how we really feel about the troops.

    We never supported them. We just held them up to get Bush reelected in 2004. Now that that ship has sailed, we can go back to our conspiracies about black helicopters and American servicemembers marching down our streets and taking away our freedom. Hooray for America!

  • truthbetold

    Show me the damage from all this gunfire. Blanks. A drill.

  • Demo

    Ummm dumbasses, the title says “hoax” right in it.

  • john pierre smith