Rand Paul Brings Childhood Photo of Barack Obama And Gov. Chris Christie To Debate!


*Friends since childhood?
*Photo released to shore up flagging voter support.
*Man says dog in photo was stolen then later eaten.
*Obama hat made by mother in Honolulu.
*Man says one had a bad case of fleas.
*Photographer says both were high on pot!

If you want a good laugh, read this short, satire article published not so long ago by the site satireworld.com. Sure, it’s not all the way true (okay, or any true), but once these two ass clowns make you cry enough, you just want a reason to laugh at them. Here it is.

From Satireworld.com:

Point Pleasant, NJ – (satireworld.com)

Imagine, two old time buddies who just happen to now be famous!

Several days ago the mainstream media swooned at the release of a childhood photo of President Barack Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie together posing with a dog. The photo comes at an appropriate time as both politicians are seeing their poll numbers tank unmercifully due to gaffes, mistakes, and political swagger run amuck.

Christie and Obama both claimed in the past they came from similar backgrounds. Obama born in Kenya. Christie born in an elephant pen at the Bronx Zoo in neighboring New York. Even the simple paperwork one collects after birth show similarities…Obama with a doctored birth certificate…Christie with a forged Weight Watcher’s certificate.

Several critics claimed the 1957 photo is fake and staged using Photoshop, but the charge was later denied by Obama supporters that claim ‘Photoshopping’ wasn’t around back then.

Photographer Pete Waterman, age 92, says he remembers taking the photo when he was at Abner’s In and Out Market in Trenton while picking up an iced watermelon and a package of Red Man chewing tabacco.

“I saw them two fellers sittin’ on a log smokin’ along with a dog that had fleas real bad. Naturally, I whipped out my Brownie and zipped me a few shots. Never did ask that there colored feller if’n he had fleas or not, but he sure scratched alot. The other one? Well, looked pretty well fed to me!”

The photo surfaced after clean up crews removed debris from Hurricane Sandy. The powerful storm ravaged the New Jersey coast in 2012.

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  • Thecat51

    Bargis: No, I didn’t. But obviously some fool put it on the internet. This race is too important for such BS. Also, it obvious your reading comprehension is not very good.

  • Wolfman

    the fat white kids name is Joe Cobb as I worked with him at North American Aviation back in the 1960s

  • Thecat51

    Stephen McKendon: you’re saying a far younger group read this as satire, obviously you’re not talking about yourself. You’re not one of the far younger group, almost 50! Just concerned about stupid jokes and beer? No wonder this Country is messed up! You’ve never grown up, are rude, obnoxious, and sarcastic. No, I didn’t get this from a movie. I, like the other women you’ve been sarcastic to because they don’t think this is funny at this point in our Country’s history, have been able to determine this on our own by actually reading. You know, books! Now go back, have another beer, and maybe pick up a newspaper and read. Oh, you can read, right? If not, go to the movies! Maybe you’ll learn something.


      If you are using movies for information no wonder why you would vote for Obammer.