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B. Hussein Obama will be remembered in many ways, and most of those ways are not flattering. His biggest description will more than likely be that he was the worst President in U.S. history. As soon as he took office, he pulled our remaining troops out of Iraq, after six years of winning a hard fought victory, only to concede the country back to the hands of terrorists by way of ISIS. Throughout the following years, ISIS has grown in strength, and most other world Governments have fought them hard, while Hussein Obama has funded, trained and aided them.

Hussein Obama will also be remembered as imposing far overreaching laws against ranchers and farmers. However, there is one rancher in Wyoming who has spent the last couple of years fighting the Hussein Obama regime, and who this week, came away victorious.

Andy Johnson is a chicken farmer in Wyoming. After going through the proper legal channels to construct a pond on his property to keep his livestock hydrated, Hussein Obama’s EPA decided to come after him, trying to get him to fill the pond in, and fining him in excess of $30,000 a day for each day his pond remained. The total fines eventually added up to more than $16 million!

However, instead of backing down to Hussein Obama’s EPA, Johnson fought them in court, and he won!

From media outlet Politicalcult:

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Johnson released the following statement on his hard fought victory:

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