Queen Michelle PISSED: Congress Puts Her In Her Place With NASTY Surprise

congress michelle

Since the Obama’s took up residency in their Government houseing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they have been concerned with one thing and one thing only; their legacy. Well, that’s if you take out the whole disarming Americans and supporting Muslim terrorists and giving guns to Mexican drug lords, etc.

Queen Moochelle, for some reason, seemed to be very interested in going after public school children with her school lunch campaign.

mush 3

No one who has been forced to eat the garbage she has mandated be eaten has been too pleased with it, as you can tell from the social media post below.

mystery mush

Fortunately, Congress has now stepped in and are going to bring an end to Moochelle’s reign of terror in the cafeterias of public schools all across the nation.

mush 2

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  • Ray Cunningham

    Any child should be satisfied with this “GHETTO LUNCH”, while American taxpayers are footing the bill, for the queen to fly all over the world and gorge on Gourmet Meals.

  • Connie

    Whatever happened to taking your sack lunch to school? Oh yeah, that was back when families took care of their own and didn’t rely on the federal government. That was back before the feds started telling us what to eat and not eat. #wakeupamerica

    • Linda Ferguson

      Sack lunches are no longer allowed at schools….only “approved” foods…you can pick your kid up and they can eat in the car…but not on school property.

      • lois

        That certainly isn’t true all over America; must be in the cities like New York or DC

      • 1NJNurse1

        My kid takes her lunch to school and even buys chips there as a snack.

  • Christopher Lawrence

    If you don’t like the lunch get a job take your own.

    • bluebonnet

      parents should be responsible for their own kids breakfast, lunch and dinner. Why should others have to feed all the kids you may not be able to afford?????? If you cannot afford them, stop having them!

      • patricia crevier

        I agree.The only exception would be those low life dads who abandon their families and refuse legitimate children child support or support is set so low a wife cannot afford to feed he children.

    • Omustgo

      Do you understand that in all of the big liberal School districts, they confiscate home brought sack lunches from the Children ,and force them to eat Mooches monster mush!!

    • Edward F

      We ARE talking about minor school children,aren’t we? Get a job take your own?

  • Paul L. Grimala

    How can you tell is she is pissed or not? In every picture she look like she’s mad at the world!

    • GJs

      Only the white part & maybe the Hispanic, the oriental, the European, etc etc etc it seems on a few of the blacks can make her smile & only then IF . . .

  • Missie McKinley Allen

    Our federal gov’t does not have any reason to have their nose in schools…let alone school lunches. Wake up America!!! It is “We the People” Are we so stupid that we are going to allow them to tell us what our children should and must eat. Ever heard of communism! I know how to get the US out of the red…get rid of the politicians-cut welfare and make it workfare! Would save millions in a matter of days!

  • Floyd Taylor

    I wonder how much of this garbage what’s her face and her family eats.


    Which bathroom does (s)he use whilst out in public?

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    The easiest way for this to happen is just simply remove bho from his duties as potus from the White House by arrest and charges of fraud and treason. This will definitely shut her up and make her not proud of America anymore.

  • Scooterific2762 .

    I stopped reading at “houseing”.

  • Jill Hetherington

    You know her kids don’t eat that shit.

  • akd

    wonder where she gets her children gourmet meals catered at their taxpayoer private school her children attend , while our children have to eat her mush she claims are healthy Wonder what GMO are in them .When did she get degree as dietitian