Putin’s HUMILIATING Message To Obama, Location Makes It More Embarrassing

putin's message to hussein obama

It’s no secret to the world that Russian President Vladimir Putin is no friend, or even fan, of U.S. President B. Hussein Obama. The two have shown obvious disagreement with the Syria situation, in which Hussein Obama continues to arm and train the enemy of Western Civilization, and Putin continues to blow up the terrorists that Hussein Obama arms and trains.

The people of Russia pretty much hate Hussein Obama as well. Three years ago, Hussein Obama enjoyed a 40% approval rating among the Russian people. Today, his approval rating is only 11% among Russians, and it’s rumored that the 11% in favor like Russian Vodka just a bit too much.

Recently, the Russians have coined a phrase for Hussein Obama which translates to “Obama Schmo” which translates from the original Yitish as “Obama Schmuck.” The Russian military recently put this phrase on an airbase they control in Syria, and they made it large enough to be seen by satellite in outer space.

message 1

Below is another example of the phrase which is seen commonly throughout Russia.

message 2

Below is another example of how the Russian people humiliate Hussein Obama with marketing. Check out this calendar.

message 3

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  • Jake Spooz

    Putin = good. Obama = terrible.

  • Thomas Goerke

    Hell NO. They are right on in their opinion of our worthless pos Obama.

  • Susan

    I can’t believe America’s opinion of him is over 11% – kind of sad that the Russians are SMARTER than the Americans…and we are living with him in our country!!!!!!!!

  • Darla Gabaldon

    well this is no secret but we need to remember the russians love trump at least trump wont put us in ww3 we need a strong leader who can negotiate with foreigners and the one america loves at least trump will put a ban on muslims entering our country he will get rid of amnesty and h-1b visas which are taking american jobs vote trump

  • Wanda Moore Monti

    Obama is a shame on America that needs to be removed, Trump and Putin will find the common ground which is to destroy ISIS and from there we will see what happens with Russia but I bet they will no longer think we are a sorry bunch of people who are only talk..

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    bho must be relieved of his duties as potus immediately by arrest and
    charged with fraud and treason. If not done ASAP, he will do everything
    he can to totally destroy the America we know and love.

    • Freddy Merks

      Mutiny is surely the resolution to right the ship

  • kathy

    How do you feel about our upcoming new president trump president putin

  • Freddy Merks

    Never in my life would I thought I would ever agree with a cold warrior communist….In this case Barry the shower boy must go. This ass clown has set back international relations 20 years, except with his Iranian handlers…who Russia has never tolerated a strong persia. Destroyed a country Libya and assigned the assassination through Hillary Clinton of the leader of that country and the Ambassador to that Country shortly after his delivery of arms to Syrian rebels…must have shown up about the same time as the new Toyotas.

  • Debra R

    Heck No!!! Feel free Russia to make as much fun of Obama as you want!!! Us Americans don’t like him either!!!!

  • Sherry Pope

    Never been so ashamed of a US President as I am this one. He is a total disgrace to this Country.