“Get the f*** out of the country if you don’t like it!” another echoed.

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Organizers had said earlier that the flag burning was aimed at combatting racism and social injustice.

“There will be no peace until we tear down this system of oppression,” the group wrote on the event’s Facebook page. “It isn’t enough to take the flag down; we must put an end to white supremacy once and for all.”

When the event attracted online attention, “Disarm NYPD” defended the burning of the American flag in an online statement.

“We find it a sign of the times that people can care so much about a piece of cloth, while at the same time be so quiet about black churches being burned all over the country,” a post on Facebook said. “Perhaps this is the great difference between us and the so-called ‘patriots’. While they express their loyalty to symbols, we express our loyalty to the lives of the oppressed.”