Prisoner Escapes ISIS, Exposes Obama’s Secret He NEVER Wanted You To Know

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A recent ISIS prison, who was crafty enough to escape an ISIS prison, due to the skills he developed over years as a highly skilled combat soldier, has just released a couple of bombshell secrets that U.S. President Hussein Obama would have rather never seen get out.

The firs secret released by this former ISIS prison, Iraqi soldier Master Sergeant Karam Saad, has to do with how ISIS treats Christian inmates so much worse than their fellow Muslims. Saad described scenes of Christian prisoners being locked in small boxes and then killed when the ISIS guards would set the small caskets on fire from the inside.

However, the biggest secret is in regard to how ineffective Hussein Obama’s “strategy” for battling ISIS actually is.

“The airstrikes are not effective and there are really no functional operations. The coalition is bullsh**! They might get a couple good shots here or there, but for the most part it’s not an effective strategy,” Saad boldly admitted. “In the future, I feel that the Republicans will be more effective to battle ISIS than the Democrats will. Since 1991, the Republicans have been better allies than Democrats. The Democrats have a stupid strategy. I had spent a long time on the battlefield with the Republicans politics, and we’ve had way more victories in the fight.”

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