Presumably He Went Out With A Smile…


Few can imagine what they will be doing when they die.  Fewer still will be correct about it.  We hear about school teachers having unlawful sex with students all the time, but in this case it turned deadly.

By all accounts, retired school principal and Catholic community leader Pa Alphonsus Dimgba was found unclad and dead after having sex with an eighteen year old in her father’s house in the Enugu State in Nigeria.  The otherwise unnamed girl’s screams alerted locals when her fatigued lover appeared to have had severe seizures and died in her arms.  She told police that it was not their first time together after the old man foamed at the mouth and died before aid could be rendered.  Paramedics declared him dead at the scene.  Locals claimed he had a habit of seducing married women.

Personally, I cannot imagine a better way to die, but I think I’d like to do it with a bit more dignity than this fellow did.  Our hearts go out to the family he left behind… presumably in disgrace.

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