Police Need Your Help Finding This Serial Pooper Have You Seen Him?

serial pooper

Imagine if you will; you walk out to your can to head for work, and there’s a big pile of poo on the windshield, or the hood, or the top of your car. It could be worse. You could reach down to grab the door handle and get poo all over your hand, because poo has been smeared all over the handle.

These things have been happening for the past three years to citizens in Columbus, Ohio, as a ‘serial pooper’ has been on the loose there since 2012. He’s struck again recently, and fortunately, someone was able to snap a picture of him. If you know who this man is in the picture, please contact the Columbus police, because he is believed to be the serial pooper who has been reeking havoc on the community for three years. A known 19 cars have been pooped on by the serial pooper, but it is estimated that he may have defecated on as many as three times that number, and that people were too embarrassed to report the pooping incident.


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