Please Help If You Can!!! Dying WWII Veteran Needs a Marine Uniform to be Buried In!!!


SALEM, Ore. — 93-year-old Clair Dunlevy has a very short time to live.  Doctors at his Salem, hospital say his kidney’s are failing and he is unlikely to make it to next month and his 94th birthday.  He spent over 30 years serving in the military, mostly as a Marine but also in the Army National Guard.  Unfortunately, when his family tried to find his uniform to bury him in it, they found that it had been eaten by mice.

So, the family is trying to track down a Pearl Harbor era Marine uniform that could be used for the honorable burial of Clair Dunlevy.  He wears a men’s small shirt, with a 30″ waist and 28″ inseam.  Family friend Q Madp would be willing to connect any possible donor.  Q can be reached at  503-881-6237, or via [email protected]


Clair’s niece is Indy Lucas.  She is the sister-in-law of former Navy Seal Jeff Lucas.  He was killed in action while serving in Afghanistan.  The movie “Lone Survivor” tells part of his story.

by  Brett Reckamp


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