(Pictorial) You’ll Never Believe How Fat Former Hottie Allyssa Milano Is Now!

am fat 4

If you are a gen X’er, you no doubt remember Alyssa Milano as a hottie. You probably had a crush on her when she stared in the television series “Who’s The Boss.”

Milano seemed to have aged well for many years, but in recent years, she’s put on so much weight that she’s hardly recognizable. Here are some before and after images.

am fat 5

am fat 6

am fat 8

am fat 9

Those were then, so let’s move to now.

am fat 2

am fat 3

am fat 10

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  • Lillian Newcomb

    She is a woman who is aging and I might say very well. She also has children. Why would you post such crap about this beautiful woman. What do you look like? Make fun of yourself and that pic of her with a fat face is photoshopped. she has never been that fat.

    • Larry Hanson

      Couldn’t have said it better myself, Lillian. Thank you.

    • Darrell Kissick

      Thank you . This web site is total BULLSHIT.