(Pictorial) You Asked For The TRUTH, So Here It Is… Will You Actually Look At It?


Memes often irritate people because teenagers with too much time use them to vent their angst.  Here are three dozen that are more inspiring and helpful than irrational and jealous.

AAahC8B AAahEPd AAahEPD1 AAahEPJ AAahEPM AAahEPp AAahEPT AAahEPV AAahEPx AAahEQ5 AAahHoC AAahHp7 AAahHp9 AAahHpH AAahHpj AAahHps AAahJQL AAahJQW AAahJR9 AAahJRA AAahJRz AAahMr0 AAahMre AAahMrG AAahPb4 AAahPbd AAahPbK AAahPbm AAahPbM1 AAahRLB AAahRM1 AAahRM5 AAahRMm AAahzGy AAahzGY1

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