(Pictorial) Take A Closer Look At This Truck! It’s More Than What You Think!

memorial truck 1

From the Memorial Trucks’ Facebook Page:

The Memorial Truck

Retired from the Army Dane Kaimuloa the owner of this 2002 F-150 SuperCrew Truck designed this Memorial Truck to honor all the military men and women that died in Iraq and Afghanistan for our country the truck has 4,422 pictures of KIA Heroes with the American Flag over them. On the hood it says ” NEVER FORGOTTEN ” and on the side “In Memory of Those Who Gave Their All”
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memorial truck 2

As we start to zoom in, we see that there is more to this truck than meets the eye.

memorial truck 3

At this angle, we can begin to see faces; faces of men and women who gave their all in honor of a great nation.

memorial truck 5

Few things are built Ford tough, but soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines certainly are.

memorial truck 6

From bumper to bumper, this amazing piece of art displays our nation’s heroes.

memorial truck 7

Anyone following this truck on the road will be reminded as to why they are free.

memorial truck 8

Stars, stripes and freedom forever, but only because of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

memorial truck 9

Gone, but never forgotten.

memorial truck 10

Visit the Memorial Truck Facebook Page to stay abreast on where it will be so you can see it live.

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