(Pictorial) Super Model Accidentally Discovered Due To San Bernardino Shootings? ABC 7’s Darsha Philips is HOT!

Darsha 4

I have a confession. I am a VERY healthy, red blooded, adult, heterosexual male. I know I’m out of fashion in the world we live in, but I’ll make no apologies for being genetically wired the way I personally believe He intended me to be.

With that said, I bring to you now, evidence of a young lady, Journalist Darsha Philips, who, in my opinion, by the time all this San Bernardino shooting news dies down, may very well end up landing a modeling contract!

Darsha 1

I came across Darsha in an online report on the Muslim terrorists’ neighbor who’d bought at least four guns for them to go on their killing spree. I didn’t actually hear the details, because once Miss Philips came on the scene, all I could focus on was her far from commonplace beauty.

Darsha 3

Here’s Darsha’s bio from the her employer’s website, ABC 7 news:

Darsha Philips is a general assignment reporter for ABC7 Eyewitness News.

Prior to joining ABC7, Darsha worked in Montana, Ohio and Sacramento.

She was raised in Arcadia and actually interned at ABC7 while in college pursuing a journalism degree.

The youngest of four sisters, Darsha enjoys jogging by the beach, good food and spending time with her family.

Darsha 2

It’s unfortunate, the reason this beautiful young reporter has come into the public’s eye, but who knows where this travesty may lead for her professionally?

darsha 7

We were able to find several photos of her on Google images, and we’ve put them in this piece. What do you think? Is Miss Darsha model material?

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darsha 6

One thing’s for sure, even though I’m an East Coast boy, I’ll be tuning in to a particular West Coast news channel to see more reports from this beautiful young lady!
Darsha 5

Don’t be surprised to see her joining the big leagues sometime soon once word gets out on this beauty! Could you imagine the ratings she’d pull in for one of the big media outlets? No matter how it fares for her, Darsha Philips, journalist, has won our respect and admiration here at Consciously Enlightened!


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