(Pictorial) Summer Wear That Makes You Go, “Hmm…”


With sufficient alcohol, party girls often start shedding clothes, but in this case they started that way.  Enjoy.  For more bikini weirdness, look here.

We’ll start easy… duct tape.  If these women didn’t have a Brazilian wax before, they do now.

duct_tape_bikini_girls_13 Duct-Tape-Bikini 8-duct-tape-bikini-21-e1308789599227

On next to dangerous bikinis.  The first will charge your electronics.  The third just looks painful.

solar-bikini-1-537x402 solarbikini_1 foil04

Weirdness… and lots of it.  Not entirely sure what to say about these outfits, but clearly these people adore them.

images bikini-400x341 evil dead bikini

Lastly, some edible ensembles.  Bacon, vegetarian, and fishies!

bacon-bikini-nsfw-25176-1232729623-16 4751981413954467 2

For more strangeness, look here and here.

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