(Pictorial) Sexy Ladies At Nerd Prom Show Off AMAZING Equipment


From Halloween to Comic-Con to Let’s Make A Deal, for whatever reason Americans LOVE dressing up.  Perhaps its the fantasy of being something greater than we are… or maybe it’s merely a desire to be something we are not.  Here we find a few dozen sexy ladies wishing they were heroes or villains.  If you know the names of these characters or armor suits, you are officially a nerd.  (PS: I know all but one of them, so I’m guilty.)  For more amazing pictorials, look here, here, and here.

 SONY DSC World-of-Warcraft-Cosplay-Night-Elves-and-Blood-Elves World of Warcraft cosplay whitemane MiYo cosplay-wow-sally-whitemane


    kamui-alexstrasza-world-of-warcraft-cosplay-german-3 dGGq4g8 benedron-cosplay alexstrasza-cosplay-wow

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