(Pictorial) Leaked NASA Images Clearly Show Mars Rover Under ATTACK!

It would seem that the Curiosity Rover is under attack of some kind.  Several small white objects have appeared smashed nearby the rover in just the last few days.  What are these objects and why are they attacking the rover?

1089ML0048420010500151E01_DXXX 1090ML0047840020500168E01_DXXX

1089MR0048420010600501E01_DXXX 1089MR0048030010600503E01_DXXX

These images were taken on August 30th.  There is no reason to believe that the object that nearly struck the rover is either a piece of the rover or anything that would otherwise be native to Mars.  What is going on up there?


This is not the first time a rover has been attacked.  Opportunity also registered the above falling object attack in 2007.


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