(Pictorial) Haters Claim Human Barbie’s New Photo Shoot Too Sexy Due To Pic #3


Valeria Lukyanova, known worldwide as the ‘human Barbie’ has just released pictures from her spring photo shoot. Haters have bombarded her social media accounts, claiming that she’s too sexy.


It’s not her tight tummy, in the picture above, that set the haters off, as much as it was her tiny little hiney in the picture below.


As Taylor Swift said in that one song, “Haters gonna hate….” and this is something human Barbie has understood for years, as she’s always getting hate messages when she releases a new pictorial collection.


But alas, she continues to live her life the way she wants, living off of a steady diet of sunshine rays, moonbeams, and air.


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  • Kurt Bucheger


  • Smilin’ Jack

    How can there be such a thing as TOO SEXY? Alas, she is not. All skin and bones, no curves at all…

  • Hank Citti Jr

    If her goal was to look plastic and non sexy , mission accomplished