(Pictorial) China’s Latest In Exploitative Animal Abuse- Wild Black Bear Boxing!

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Last week we brought you a gruesome story out of China, showing how the less than human Chinese leather industry works using what you thought were cows, but are not. (See story here: [Graphic Video] Those Chinese Leather Gloves You’re Wearing Are Not Made Out Of Cows)

This week, we bring you yet another terrible tale of animal exploitation from the far east. In the pictures below, you’ll see how the Chinese use black bears in boxing matches for entertainment. But again, as we pointed out in last week’s article about the leather factory, this is not exclusive to China. All of Asia has no respect for animal rights. At least these bears are not forced to fight to the death, where as just south of China, in the Philippines, cock fighting is STILL the national pastime (along with beauty pageants and sex tourism), and the birds are forced to fight to the death. Maybe someday the U.S. will cut all economic ties with Asia and let the peasants starve off without our aid, as they probably should, and we won’t have to worry so much about any more animal species on that continent becoming extinct.

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