(Pictorial) 9 Bits Of Weird, Sexy, And Imaginative Awesomeness


Seriously… is there anything more awesome than a woman willing to wear something like this in public?  Though it’s been a while since I went, conventions are always fun… but expensive.  Between entry fees and those pesky vendors with nifty gadgets that really do nothing but look cool, it’ll cost you more to get out than it will to get in.  Here are some highlights I have found on the net.

Starting off light, here are some random cosplay pics I thought you all might enjoy.  I can’t imagine how metal bikinis are in any way practical, but then again they don’t have to be… they’re just for show!

tumblr_nbat68qoAF1txqryno1_1280 2003babe01_0 Bikini-Armor-Cosplay bunny%2007 chainmail_bikini_early_years_1_by_armourdude-d34852j gencon2005babe05600 girl-wearing-metal-bikini red_sonja__queen_of_the_frozen_wastes_by_bellechere-d4ibiix

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