(Pictorial) 11 Pics Of The Most Unique Lingerie Model In The World!

legless 1

Meet 23 year old Kanya Sesser, from Los Angeles, California. Sesser is a lingerie model, and reportedly makes $1,000 a day modelling. If it appears that something’s missing in the photos, your eyes are not deceiving you.

legless 8

Kesser was born without legs, but she never let that get in her way of success or life. Not only is she a beautiful, sexy model, but she is also an athlete, training for the next paralympic games in surfing.

legless 11

legless 2

legless 3

legless 4

legless 5

legless 6

legless 7

legless 9

She’s even found true love!

legless 10


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