Phase 2 Of Obama’s Social Engineering Agenda Involves Moles, HUD And The Race Card!! We Warned You!!


A little over a month ago we told you about Obama’s social engineering agenda to move “affordable” housing (aka housing projects) into more affluent neighborhoods by using tax credits to bribe local governments.  And now we’re telling you, if the representatives of these governments choose not to accept the bribes and actually listen to their constituents, the Feds will get involved by bringing intimidation.

The city of Rockford, Illinois appears to be one of the first cities to be targeted with this experiment.  The Fairgrounds housing project, a 210-unit development on the far west side of the city, is slated to be torn down soon and a new 65-unit subsidized housing development was going to be constructed in a primarily single family residential neighborhood on the city’s east side.  Opposition to the development being placed in this neighborhood was strong and after a contentious meeting with residents and city and county reps, the developer withdrew it’s plans.


Not to fear, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is now coming to the rescue of the oppressed Fairgrounds residents.  It’s now known that two federal officials, fair housing field officers, were at the June meeting incognito and HUD has been fully informed.  According to , the Rockford Register Star is reporting:

Rockford Housing Authority CEO Ron Clewer received a letter Aug. 3 from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development warning of potential civil rights violations. The letter, written by Maurice McGough of the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity — and obtained Wednesday by the Register Star through a Freedom of Information Act request — explains the agency’s concerns regarding Gorman & Company’s withdrawal of plans for a 65-unit affordable-housing development on South New Towne Drive.

Ald. Teena Newburg, I-9, said HUD unnecessarily raised the issue of race by suggesting that the withdrawal of Gorman’s plan “may have an adverse impact against African-American public housing residents who are living in Fairgrounds Valley.”

So, it isn’t enough that we give them free housing, they should also be able to choose where the new, free housing is built?  And if we don’t, we’re racist.  Better hang that For Sale sign soon.

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  • Sparkle Plenty

    This is part of Agenda 21. Social engineering is just the beginning. And the Feds will dangle money carrots to achieve these goals. Just like Common Core where States are offered money (our tax payer dollars) to implement this disgusting program. We are financing our own demise! Wake up people.