(PG-13) You Will Be SHOCKED At How Common This Virus Is… And How Easily It Spreads!


This disease is about as virulent as it gets.  For several years it has baffled all those who come into contact with it.  As if like a phoenix, whenever it is eradicated, it always seems to come back with a vengeance.  It is Lamprey Disease… and it is a hoax.  These images started popping up several years ago as part of an email virus plague and have stood the test of time ever since.  They are pictures of a Lamprey’s mouth superimposed on the body part of a human being… ah, the wonders of photoshop!  Remember, everyone: NEVER open an email if you do not recognize the sender.  If it’s important, they will call when you do not respond.  Enjoy it while you can… because you won’t get sick from watching this video.

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  • Morvis

    Good ol’ classic case of photoshopitis.

  • Ted Smith