Peyton Manning Visits The Site Of The Chattanooga Terror Attack!!!



Peytom Manning spent time yesterday visiting the site of the Islamic terror attack giving support to the officers and marines on duty.




A 24-year-old Kuwaiti-born gunman opened fire on the military recruiting station and reserve center Thursday, killing four U.S. marines at the scene. A fifth victim, a 26-year-old Navy sailor, died Saturday from injuries he suffered in the attack.

Two others, a marine and a Chattanooga police officer, remain hospitalized with injuries that are considered non-life threatening.

From WRCB via WZ:

Multiple sources tell Channel 3 that Peyton Manning showed up at the Naval Marine Corps Reserve Center on Amnicola Highway where four U.S. Marines were shot dead by a lone gunman last week.

A fifth service member died from injuries he suffered on Saturday. A Chattanooga police officer remains hospitalized from injuries he suffered.

The record-breaking quarterback for the Denver Broncos, who played football for the University of Tennessee, showed up at the reserve late Saturday night to visit with military personnel and police officers.

After Manning’s visit, officers posted photos on social media.

The reserve, as of Saturday, remained an active scene of federal investigators and police officers standing guard. It’s one of two locations where the gunman opened fire.

The attack, which is being investigated as a domestic terrorism incident, has left the Tennessee Valley in mourning.


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