Over 200,000 Are “Sharing” This EPIC Samuel L. Jackson Quote About Gun Control

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It seems that any time anyone in America commits a crime with a gun, Government’s first response is to take the guns away from law abiding citizens who did NOT commit the crime in question, or any crime at all.

Hollywood liberal types are usually first to jump on the bandwagon in support of Government’s desire to disarm law abiding citizens. Most of them are so wealthy and live a cushy life so out of touch which reality, and not to mention ARE PROTECTED BY ARMED GUARDS AT ALL TIMES that they forget what it’s like to be what Ben Franklin called a “middler.”

One Hollywood icon who has not lost his mind and common sense due to fame and fortune is long time acting great Samuel L Jackson, who saw a surge late in his career with his role as Nick Fury in the Marvel Comics “Avengers” movies and supporting movies such as “Captain America” “Iron Man” and “Thor.”

Here is what Samuel L. Jackson says about gun control, which has gone viral in light of the most recent shootings in America:

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samuel l jackson on gun control


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