OUTRAGEOUS: BLACK Celebrities Demand $150 Billion From Whites For THIS… [VIDEO]

black celebrities demand money from whites

Wow! The level of insanity among the terrorists of the Black Lives Matter movement has just reached a whole new level.

Black celebrities have taken to YouTube, demanding an insane amount of money for “reparations” for black people who have been killed, mostly, while in the commission of a crime and then resisting arrest.

Check this nonsense out and then let us know what you think of this insanity in the comment section below.

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  • Larry Nicholas

    Lets get real here people 80% of white americans families and ancesters arrived after slavery was over, as did 45% of all african americans in this country. No one owes them crap. No one alive was involved in owning or ever being a slave. Now how about repreations to whies for the fact that african americans currently target whites for violent crimes, by African americans,[just kidding]. 39 million african americans commit 4 million violent crimes to whites a year according to dept of justice racial crime statistics. while 150 million whites commit 996.995 violent crimes against blacks a year. In the white community the people doing that stuff are criminals and thugs no matter wo their victims are. In the african american community its ok if the victim was white, fuck them crackers. Now african americans make up a mere 13% of the population but commit a staggering 52% of all homicides. and 54% of all violent crimes. Those are the cold hard facts and it has been the case for a long time.and as to police shootings latinos killed 317 whites killed 437 blacks killed 235. get real or shut the hell up. whites are not rioting latinos are not rioting. The main difference here is perception and how we interact with the police. most whites and latinos are going to wait look at the evidence then decide justified or not.. most black community leaders are going to say targeted ,unjustified,and with out warrent. lets talk about the other factors. if you do not flee from , attack, argue,or resist a officer. you are 300x less likely to have either violence or a shooting occur in your stop.its just that dam simple. the roadside or alley is not the place to plead your case . That would be the courtroom,in front of the judge That actually knows the laws .. Are their unjustified stops ? hell yes their all. are there unjustified arrests/ hell yes. are there unjustified killings ,we all know there are. Is it the norm? No its not. Are all police officers un fair and unjust? No they are not.. Are there more stops and arrest on black individuals? well by the crime statistics, there would have to be, According to the stats it should be four to one in ratio. if you commit four times as many crimes you fairly would be logically expected to be arrested four times as often. The same thing applies to the african american communities violence on its own race .The black community has a violence problem until that changes the rest will not. African americans are 10 x as likely to be killed by another african american than any other cause.until you can change your violent ways , you will be feared,shunned and discriminated against. White people are not out to hold you down. we just want to raise our kids safly. and we cant if we live near you.we dont give a shit what you do to each other, we just move further away, if you want to be like that have at it. just leave us out of your hypocritical bullshit and kill each other. Now i know plenty of hard working dam decent african american people, caught in this same bullshit in your community. They are the norm not the exception. but that small group of thugs seems to control your community. and it is they that hold your people down, not whitey. Anyone that gets a break or works hard and betters themselves to have a better life, Is immediately labeled a sell out, and uncle tom, by your own community. instead of looked up to as a example to inspire your children. and thats a dam shame.. But i truthfully dont see a dam thing changing for your people untill you get honest with yourselves. Litterally untill all lives matter in your community black lives wont. your welcome to go look up my statistics they are on line and available to anyone at the department of justice listed under racial crime statistics. the truth is a harsh thing sometimes but nessecary

  • Glenn

    these 4 monkeys will never get one red cent from me!

  • Cpl Punishment

    I saw a bunch of Criminals and Morons in that video…..
    not to mention the Morons reading the script.

  • Tara Pietropaolo

    You moulinyans are not getting a rusty penny from me.

  • Gunny D

    What a joke…. So, how did they survive?….. And are now rich and “famous”… Sick of this shit…

  • charleyhog

    criminals not one dime quit resisting quit rioting quit the bullshit get real jobs get real lives quit being on welfare it is not a job quit acting like the world owes you & quit trying to pretend all blacks are victims I have MANY FRIENDS WHO ARE BLACK & they are hard working men & women and they had great jobs and made as much as me and some even more than me and had everything I did

  • Bill

    The check is in the mail, it’s going to take 150 billion years to clear, so you morons may want to find work to tide you over!


    There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see….