Operation Jade Helm 15 Update: Suspicious Activity From Across The Nation

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While the mainstream media continues to laugh at anyone who shows any concern over the upcoming ‘military training exercise,’ known as Operation Jade Helm 15, writing them off as paranoid conspiracy theorists, a Facebook page called Operation Jade Helm And Beyond has been set up, and citizens from across the nation have been contacting it, through anonymous, private messages, reporting the strange activity they’ve been witnessing across the nation; everything from mass portable morgue orders to United Nations medical vehicles traveling throughout the South. Here are a few of the latest reports:

From J.S.

Tulsa, OK has a lot of military activity. A lot of train tracks that used to be abandoned are running. A lot of heli and plane activity at night- military vehicles- and they have a closed WalMart. I wondered where Tulsa fit in with the closed WalMart, and so far, it is not thought that Jade Helm is supposed to be here..Is this evidence Jade Helm is larger/more than an exercise?

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From B. L. (An interesting theory, actually)

I think I’ve figured out all the acronyms on the map (the Jade Helm map), two of which don’t look like good news at all. Sucks even worse because I live in the Dallas area.

Ok, now some of these are military acronyms so their either blatantly obvious or meant to throw people off. I’m gonna go with blatantly obvious.

CJSOTF – Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force.
SOTF- Special Operations Task Force
AOB – Advanced Operational Base
JOAX – Joint Operational Access Exercise
CRF – Crisis Response Force
LSE – Large Scale Exercise
ODA – Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha
MSOT – Marine Special Operations Team
NSWTU – Naval Special Warfare Training Unit

And the last two… I found ODG in a book called the Science of Homeland Security.

ODG – Outbreak Detection Group
ODH MC site – Official Department of Health Medical Center site

I think the radius is supposed to represent the area of expected outbreak, which makes sense considering it engulfs the 3 major metro areas in Texas. I think they are expecting an outbreak in the red areas. Remember the ebola instance in Dallas. That was likely a preplanned event to test vulnerabilities in their jade helm martial law.

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From J.B.

They just had tractor trailers come through Newnan, Georgia carrying United Nation medical vehicles on them. Figured you guys would want to know!

Jade Helm UN

From R. M. A.

It may have been taken down by now but in Dallas, Texas there was a casting call by the National Guard that asked for people to come and be victims and hostages… If I find the link ill be sure to send it to you. -God Bless America!

There are just a few reports from the last 24 hours. One thing is for sure. People, you MUST prepare for Operation Jade Helm! Follow us on Facebook at Operation Jade Helm And Beyond by clicking on this blue sentence!


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  • Thomas Jacob

    I live in Atoka, OK. A small very quite town. In front of the Wal Mart here their is a large white container type structure. I don’t know if it is one unit or a connection of units, but this thing is HUGE. I didn’t notice any distinctive markings on it either. whatever this is, it takes up alot of the parking lot. I have seen Atoka residents posting questions about what it may be on Facebook. A few have commented that the Wal Mart is about to be renovated. Some in fact teased that it is a FEMA camp. Others mentioned Jade Helm. I grew up in this town and have seen this Wal Mart go through renovations many times. NEVER has there been such a HUGE container placed in the parking lot.

    • barb

      If you see something please take pictures or videos we believe the patriots but the trolls will say anything.