OMG! Look What Operation Jade Helm Just Hauled In!


Operation Jade Helm 15 is said to be nothing more than a ‘military training exercise.’ Though Texas, and now Utah, have been labeled as ‘hostile,’ the people of those great states are being told, by the ever trust-worthy Government, that there is nothing to fear.

However, patriotic Americans from across the nation have been keeping their eyes and ears open and keenly tuned to all the strange goings-on. Strange things such as mysterious, unannounced Walmart closings, an outrageous amount of blackhawk and other military aircraft flyovers in places not even near a military base, and the massive hauling of military equipment all over the country. 


The pictures of this massive beast of a crowd control vehicle that looks as impenetrable as an old English castle during the dark ages, above, were sent in, anonymously, to the Facebook page ‘Operation Jade Helm And Beyond’ which has been set up to act as an online, free-for-all watchdog group in regard to all things Jade Helm. In the message accompanying the pictures, the great American who sent both said:

Several of these traveling south from Oshkosh,WI a week ago. Hydro (water) hookups on top. Flood lights all on top. Driver was not happy about the pics being taken at a local rest stop…

I’m used to seeing MRAP’s, Humvee’s and such from Oshkosh Truck and Pierce Mfg in Oshkosh being transported since Desert Storm, but not this. My first thought was “who ordered this and who the hell paid for it?”

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  • snewvine

    It’s an airport firetruck

    • jim

      sure is

  • William Morris

    Thank you snewvine. If knowledge is power, then let us KNOW what the hell we are looking at!

  • Rick

    You are a moron. This website is trash.

  • Jack

    OshKosh Stryker 4×4 fire truck. 62,000 lbs of fire truck in fact;


    Top Speed: 70 mph (113 km/hr)
    Side Slope Stability (Static): ≥ 30°
    Gradeability: Ascend/descend a 50% grade
    Turning Diameter: 84.5 ft. (25.75 m)
    426 in. (1082 cm) length;
    120 in. (305 cm) width US; 118 in. (300 cm) Europe
    ≤ 140 in. (356 cm) height without HRET (loaded)


    Engine: Deutz TCD 697 HP 16.0 V8 Tier 4i/Euro 5 emissions compliant engine with 1,950 ft/lbs of torque at 1400 rpm
    Transmission: Allison 4800 EVS transmission; electronic; 7-speed; automatic
    Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
    Cab: Aluminum frame construction; seating for up to five; center steering position; wrap-around, cockpit style instrument panel; easy to read backlit gauges and controls
    Transfer Case: Oshkosh; independently mounted; torque proportioning differential and driver selected locking mechanism
    Front Axle: 31,000 lb. (14061 kg); Oshkosh double reduction with bevel gear differential; driver operated differential lock (transverse and separate front to back)
    Front Brakes: Drum brakes standard (Rockwell Dual Actuator Air); optional disc brakes available (17” Rotor Bendix SN7 sliding caliper)
    Rear Axle: 31,000 lb. (14061 kg); Oshkosh double reduction with bevel gear differential; driver operated differential lock
    Rear Brakes: S-cam type; air/drum brake standard; disc brake option available
    Suspension: Oshkosh TAK-4 independent system with dual control arms and single coil spring; up to 16 in. (40.6 cm) of wheel end travel; superior all-terrain mobility, improved ride quality and improved handling
    Air conditioning (60,000 BTU Cooling capacity)
    Heat (80,000 BTU Heating capacity)
    Tires: 24R21
    GVWR: 62,000 lb. (28,123 kg)
    Wheelbase: 219 in. (556 cm)

    Fire Fighting System

    Roof Turret: Non-aspirating and aspirating; electric joystick control; 375/750 gpm, (1420/2839 lpm)
    Bumper Turret: Non-aspirating and aspirating; electric joystick control; 300 gpm (1136 lpm), higher flow turret options available
    Crosslays: Up to 2 crosslays each with up to 300 ft of 1¾” hose
    Handlines (Foam/Water): Two preconnect type (one each side) with up to 300 ft. (46 m) of 1.75 in. (44 mm) ID hose and a 125 gpm (473 lpm) pistol-grip nozzle
    Water Tank: 1500 gallon (5678 l) capacity; constructed of corrosion and UV resistant polypropylene
    Foam Tank: 210 gallon (795 l) capacity; constructed of corrosion and UV resistant polypropylene
    Fire Pump: Power divider driven Waterous CRQB; single stage centrifugal; cast iron body; brass impeller; stainless steel shaft; pump and-roll capable; 2000 gpm (7511 lpm) at 240 psi (1657 kPa)
    Optional Waterous CRUQB high flow pump – 2650 gpm (10,031 lpm)
    Brass/Bronze pump optional
    Foam Proportioning System: Around the-pump
    Advanced Firefighting Technology Ready
    Ultra high pressure water
    High pressure water
    CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System)

  • Dan

    Yeah… this has nothing to do with crowd control. This is simply a fire engine for Aircraft Rescur Fire Fighting (ARFF) operations. The remote operated nozzle is so that the vehicle can remain mobile while still combating the flames… and it provides the firefighters protection from burning jet fuel that may be running all over the runway. There are usually a bunch of extrication tools located in those tool box doors, as well as extra SCBA bottles and personal protection equipment.

  • FF154

    It’s a fire tuck you freaking moron

  • conspiretards

    It’s a firetruck retards… nothing ominous about a frigging airport firetruck coming out of Oshkosh. The make them there. This frigging loon kills me…

  • They keep posting this kind of misinformation and fear mongering it diminishes the whole credibility of trying to bring this to the attention of the people.
    We don’t need articles that haven’t been vetted. Do your damned homework before you post this kind of shit.

  • Clay Fitzgerald

    It’s an aviation fire vehicle used to fight aircraft fires at airports. It’s not armored and could be easily vulnerable to gun fire, so it’s not a typical military vehicle. Besides that the color scheme and large windows of the cab would preclude any tactical use. Someone is getting a little paranoid, huh?

    • jimvancise

      They’re “on a roll”, Clay.

    • Kerry Lundy

      It one who has been around airports or military airfields would almost if not immediately recognize it as you said it is an airfield fire fighting/response vehicle. Oshkosh did mfg military fire trucks before and perhaps still do. I maintained them while I was in the USAF. In the late 60’s early 70’s USAF changed to a lime green color for the fire trucks for safety reasons.

      • Clay Fitzgerald

        Precisely, Kerry. I spent a great deal of time working on and around airports during my 25 years of employment with the FAA. Typically, the armed forces use the same, or at least very similar types, of fire fighting equipment as civilian airports.

  • flyr

    It is stuff like this that gives Obama supporters aid and comfort.

    As others note, just a new vehicle for fighting fires after a major aviation crash, found at major airports around the world.

    Of course you could load the tanks with the “skunk spray” which the Israeli’s use and clear the streets of violent protestors in about 20 seconds.