Obama’s Syrian “Orphans” Do Something Sickening As Soon As They Arrive

obama's muslim orphans

U.S. President. B. Hussein Obama, instead of stating the facts as they are- that there is a wicked, twisted ideology amidst whose followers are intent upon destroying the West, particularly America, or “the great Satan” according to their creed- he makes fun of the very people who put him in office (allegedly) by mocking them for “being afraid of widows and orphans.”

Since most of these widows and orphans consist of males (we won’t use the word ‘men’ here, since where we come from, we actually have a higher set of standards to be considered a man) in their mid to late 20’s and in peak physical condition- more akin to soldiers than starving, third world peasant orphans- perhaps there is reason to be afraid? Especially since these ‘widows and orphans’ have been attacking us in Paris, and now in California, killing scores of people combine, all in the name of Islam.

Recently, another group of ‘widows and orphans’ landed in a boat in the U.K. and immediately began seeking out victims. What is frightening about this case, however, is that these “refugees” actually WERE minor orphans!

Five Muslim refugees from Syria, upon landing in the U.K. only two months ago, raped an 18 year old local woman  FOR FIVE HOURS STRAIGHT!!!

Four of the five orphans were caught and were supposed to appear in court last month, but no news has come on as to whether they did or not, which leads one to believe they simply disappeared into the U.K. landscape and missed their court appearance.


While Hussein Obama laughs from the oval office about our fear of his widows and orphans coming from Syria, make sure to keep an eye out for each other, my fellow Americans, as these widows and orphans have already proven they are causing quite a bit of damage to the West and Westerners.

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