Obama’s Gun Orders Could Be A Distraction For What He’s QUIETLY Doing Now

what Obama's doing now

The mainstream media is ablaze with stories today on how emotional Hussein Obama was in his latest gun control speech. He paused to cry no less than five times.

obama cries

What they are not focusing on, however, which they should be, is that Hussein Obama’s devious plans behind the scene continue, particularly, his plan to release 17 more of the most dangerous terrorists in the world from Gitmo, who will no doubt be back on the battle field within 30 days of their release, just like most of the other terrorists he’s released from Gitmo.

From Fox News:

The group of 17 detainees expected to be transferred out of Guantanamo Bay as early as this week includes “multiple bad guys” and “Al Qaeda followers,” a source who has reviewed the list told Fox News.

Little is known publicly about which prisoners are being prepared for transfer, but the Obama administration has notified Congress it plans to ship out 17 detainees – some of whom could be transferred within days.


Many people who believe those of us who are not too quick to forget Hussein Obama’s campaign promise of closing Gitmo are merely “reactionaries,” but let’s not forget what happened with a freaking COOK who was released from Gitmo.

From Fox News:

This is a reference to the administration’s transfer of Ibrahim al Qosi to Sudan in 2012. Despite entering a “re-integration program,” the one-time cook for Usama bin Laden has now fled to Yemen, where he is among the leadership of Al Qaeda in Yemen. That transfer is now said to be a source of considerable heartburn for the Obama administration. The detainee became part of the Charlie Hebdo massacre


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Yes, we do need to be very much concerned with Hussein Obama’s latest gun grab, but we cannot afford to take our eyes off the ball he’s playing with behind the scenes, particularly his plans to release there terrorists from Gitmo, which would make America and our allies everyone on earth less safe.

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    WTF DIDN’T he learn from the MISTAKE HE MADE BY RELESING THE FIRST 5 from GITMO ??????

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