Obama’s Executive Order Allows Secret Police Infiltration In Support Of Jade Helm


A little more than six months ago, most Americans were preparing for Christmas.  In case you haven’t  noticed the trend, this is when the ruling class loves to pass legislation so as few of their slaves as possible will hear about it.

So while you were Christmas shopping, hanging lights and gathering with friends and family instead of prepping for martial law, our supreme ruler, King Hussein Obama, passed legislation with an executive order allowing a 21st century task force.   The new task force will operate among the current police forces of our beloved United States of America for the sole purpose of INFILTRATION!

And how will they achieve this?  By cozying up to the public and gathering information, of course.  Who has guns? Where are the people with the guns?  Who’s purchasing ammo?  How much ammo?  What kind of ammo are they buying?  Any bitter or jaded Veterans from Iraq or Afghanistan talking a little too loudly?  All information that is reportedly being gathered at some of the WalMarts in Operation Jade Helm territory.  Gather this information and the regime will easily know who their loyal followers are and who their opposition is.

Americans, we must be prepared, Operation Jade Helm is imminent!

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