Obama’s B Team ISIS Promises To Attack THESE Four Cities THIS Weekend!

isis obama's b team

Hussein Obama’s ‘b team,’ better armed than any enemy of America in generations, as Hussein Obama has armed them with American munitions, weapons, and training, and has continued to fund them, has promised to attack four major cities over the coming weekend.

According to the Daily Mail,”An ISIS-linked Twitter account is threatening to attack the LAX and New York’s JFK airports as well as  London Heathrow over the … weekend.” Washington D.C. has been threatened as well, according to other sources.

ISIS has scored major successes not just against the West and the U.S. recently, but against humanity. Only recently, they pulled off a massive multiple suicide bombing mission at the International airport in Istanbul, Turkey, showing that not even other Muslims and the nations who support them will be identified as allies.

President Erdogen of Turkey is a strong ISIS ally. He and his family has garnered millions of dollars in profits from illegal ISIS oil sales from oil fields they’ve seized in Iraq and Syria. Turkey, a strict Sharia nation, celebrated the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, where a Muslim, Omar Mateen, shot and killed 49 homosexuals at a gay bar and wounded more than 50 others. The Muslim nation of Turkey celebrated the death of the “homo-queers,” as the victims were called throughout their media, yet ISIS still opened up a can of whoop ass on them just the same.

Unfortunately, the rest of the Muslim world, such as Turkey, will always view America as the enemy- the ‘great Satan’- and therefor will never band together against the evils of ISIS because they identify as Muslims.

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But alas, could we expect any different from those with third world peasant mindsets? The only real way to end the whole darn mess is to melt sand and make glass. Nuke the Middle East and be done with it all.

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  • kat747

    Add Dearborn, Michigan to your list.

  • Mike Davis

    More False Flag attacks staged by NWO personnel to inflame Muslim hate. Just to have a bad guy so they can start another War

  • jimbow

    the more they cause trouble the stronger Trump becomes, though i hope they stop