Obma Watch Update: Why Are So Many Blackhawks Flying Over So Many Small Towns In America

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Over the past few months, a lot of people close to military bases have noticed an increase in Blackhawk fly-overs. The same has been noted of other military aircraft.

There’s nothing strange about that, per-sey, but when folks who don’t live anywhere NEAR a military base start noticing Blackhawk fly-overs, especially when those fly-overs are made up of dozens of choppers at a time, people have to start asking the question, ‘what the hell is going on?’

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The pictures in this article were sent to us from a concerned American citizen from Georgia, and no, naysayers, he does NOT live anywhere near Fort Benning.

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Other citizens from the following states have reported seeing a lot of Blackhawk activity as well; Connecticut, Nebraska, Louisiana, New Jersey, West Virginia, California, Texas (of course), New Mexico and Florida.

What is going on? Is this just military training exercises as usual? As our almighty Government proclaims? Or is there something more sinister going on?

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  • John Burleson

    It’s start of National Guard camp out season. I wouldn’t worry until these choppers start landing near where O’Blabber is housing his Muslim army. Then I’d remind the pilots the oath they took includes the words “foreign OR DOMESTIC.” Get ready, America. BHO is going to keep his promise.

    • Fred Youngs

      The ARMY N.G. swears there Allegiance to the Governor of the State NOT the POTUS. The POTUS has to ask the Governor to release his Troops to the Federal Government.