Obama Watch Update! Portable Disaster Morgues Just Ordered And Shipped To These Four States!

portable disaster morgue

We just received word that ‘portable disaster morgues’ have been ordered by the U.S. Government and sent to four different states. The order was so large, that the company with whom the order was placed does not even have enough to fill the order!

Listen to our lady interview an informant from the company!

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  • They should have sent them to Washington – they keep fooling around like they are – that is where they will need them .

    • Nickname

      Agreed. The devils are all there. EVERYONE of them!

  • Dan Luke

    If this is true and not more of some conspiracy theorist wet dream, then they are taking them near one of the problem zones, you see for a long time I have had, and no not a conspiracy theory, but a simple theory, and that is, all hell is about to bust loose on an epic scale, epic as in Dino killing epic,,biblical epic your choice,,,but what we are seeing as of late,,that is from events before and with the events unfolding like with the Chile eruption, and then Nepal earthquakes,,,trust me the planet is about to have an event the likes of which before what is about to unfold was only witnessed by the Dinosaurs and we know how that turned out,,,well the pacific and surrounding plates are about to flex there might in an epic way, resulting in even more volcano activity,,and so, so much more,,,and here is where I tell you why they are staging in those four states mostly,,and that is the plates as I spoke about are and will continue exponentially causing earthquakes on major and minor fault lines including the one called the New Madrid fault,,,this one is going to rip a new one in the center of America,,,and in-case you haven’t figured it out yet, it runs rite through these four states,,,the only safe zone in those four states is to the far west in the first two states and the east of the other two,,,the center of these areas are going to be our new coast lines,, that is if any of us live through this epic unprecedented event,,,don’t believe me check it out for your self,,,I even have it all charted, earthquakes, seismic activity from the pacific plate and the surrounding areas, might be hard to find the correct current data online, but try the USGS site first and if nothing then they are in a black out with info, other agency’s I’m sure is under a gag order,, the info will not be easy to find, I only found it by accident using the interactive radar model provided by our local weather and news channel, so you see the whole Jade Helm deal is them getting ready for all hell to break loose,,,and once it does it will change not only the way we live but how we will forever see the planet,,that is provided we live through it first,,,try and think I’m crazy or don’t know what I’m talking about,,,but you and everyone else will see soon enough,,,BET ME.!!!!

    • Karmen Kinsey

      Dan Luke – are you on Facebook?

      • Dan Luke

        Yes, I am on facebook,,why you ask, who would like to know.?.. :)

        • Dan Luke

          If you are looking to check out my post on the subject I talked about here you can find it under my name Dan Luke,,,profile pic is of an avatar of me wearing blue shades standing next to a k-9, your more then welcome to come and check out everything I posted, but all I ask is that your respectful while your there and feel free to add comments of any kind just no profanity please,,oh and when I say respectful that doesn’t mean you have to agree with me at all, in fact if you find me wrong in anyway feel free to comment,,my feelings don’t get hurt easy and I am not afraid of a little spirited discussions from time to time,,,lol,,,

          • Umerican Jay Citizene

            I can not find you on Facebook Dan Luke.
            Mine is Umerican Jay Citizene normal picture.
            Have so many questions for ya

    • LARRY


      • Debbie

        How do you know that the New Madrid quake will be engineered?.. I live in a small town about 45 miles west of New Madrid,,,I have been hearing about the fault line there for many yrs, and I know when it happens it will divide the states from north to south all the way and go around to the south and then go west toward California, and when it hits no one will have time to do anything cause it will only be min’s when it does start.

    • Why if Jade Helm 15 is for this purpose why don’t they just say so, Much deeper & darker, although what you say about Earth-Q’S true, & effects from Planet-X Be prepared repented, Right with Jesus Much is coming be Ready at all times

  • You can check all my info here,,click any photo some have info on activity and location,,,I have a few different post regarding this, you just have to look for them and there are follow up pics I added to each post in the comments so you’ll have to click comments to see all,,,and my Yellowstone Caldera story is dated back around last summer so if you scroll far enough you will find it also,, and here is a link to the USGS site I spoke of,,, http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/?source=sitenav

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  • The people better stand up and grow some balls and stop this mad man that is destroying out country. If the Congress and other elected officials won’t do anything to stop him then we need to get rid of them also. I have never seen my country in such a state as it is and all it seems the people are doing is being couch potatoes and allowing that dick ta tor to do as he wants making this a one democratic nation. Our leaders from the past did not leave us what they left us as in Constitution and Bill of Rights to allow some half and half heathen to come in and destroy everything but give elected officials a free trip and they don’t have to do as the rest of the country does.

    • hlR

      Your level of denial and delusion is stunning.
      Lady, the time to stop this is long past. The PTUS, the Congress are working right along with the military to bring us down. You mean to say at this late date you really don’t see that??? Who do you think aided and abetted this DECADES-long destruction? Obama is a peon, and The Plan has been running for centuries and is not the work of any one man.

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  • Handy Randy

    yah, like it’s just a bunch of flex-lax!!

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  • Nickname

    If this is true then I know one thing. It definitely seems out of the ordinary. And as everyone would agree they are planning something big to happen. But what?

  • km

    The Ebola virus never went away, and now there is the bird virus surfacing again. I have said it before, I believe that JH15 is for clean-up, more then for battle? We shall see!

  • liz

    Yha’ll need to put the bong down, & stop being so PARANOID, can’t you see that this is training to TO ABOLISH………

  • T. Stamps


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  • Donna

    There are so many potential things that could happen to us… earthquakes, ISIS, plagues or other germ warfare, martial law leading to complete civil unrest… so many possibilities for our nation to suffer devastating tragedies.
    The only answer I can see is being in a relationship with Jesus Christ. It seems like people either love Him or want nothing to do with Him. Those of us who try to share a knowledge of Him with others are often met with anger or bitter rejection, sometimes even name-calling and mockery. But none of that changes the fact that we are ALL sinners, we have ALL made mistakes. And He loves us so much that He has made His salvation available to ALL of us.
    We can’t “be good” or “try to live like a good person” and expect to get into heaven. We’re just not capable of the perfect rightiousness that is required to enter heaven. But He has lovingly taken on all our sins. It was His choice to come and endure the crushing pain of crucifixion, for us. He died, was buried, and then rose again, all as part of God’s plan to redeem us and make a way for us to be with Him forever in His kingdom. All we have to do is admit we are sinners and believe that He has done this for us. If you’re afraid of the possible impending chaos and disasters, you don’t have to be.
    I know there are some people who will laugh at me and make fun. I still need to tell you this, it’ s that important! We don’t have to fear death. He will sustain us through any kinds of disaster, torment, pain, or suffering we can endure on this earth, and then when we die, we will be present with Him in complete bliss.
    Please, don’t wait. It would be the most tragic moment to face tragedies and death alone, only to hear Him say “depart from Me, I knew you not.” The Bible says He is not willing to let one perish, it is His desire that we all come to know Him and call on His name. Please, don’t wait, I beg of you!

    • Donna, well put! You are very correct. I plan on being prepared for an attack, but I also plan on on the possibility of being “laid waste” so that means you need to have your “survival bags packed” which includes those of our material world as well as those of the spiritual world since we may very well not survive the disaster that is soon to befall us…!!!

  • Just read the bible and JONAThon Cahn. It’s all there

  • pklotz

    These spots are where the man made earthquakes will take place…..