Obama Video Banned By Obama!!! I wonder Why? See It Before Its Gone Again…


Once you see it, you’ll understand why it keeps getting banned. Hussein Obama is NOT the President of the American people, and this is something we do not already know. He is, in fact, the spokesman for Islam in the West. Despite Americans dying in the U.S. recently at the hands of radical Islamist terrorists (words, by the way, we all know he refuses to string together in the same sentence), he is more concerned with the image of Islam than he is doing anything about protecting the citizens of America from it.

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  • Thom Lee

    I thank God every day that I don’t live my life as paranoid, scared, angry, irrational and insane as the Teapublicans do.

    • propwash

      Yes, being a weak-kneed, obedient, Kool-Aid®-drinking, ostrich Democraft is SOOOO much more relaxing for you.

      • Thom Lee

        No, actually it’s the fantasy world you and like minded sheeple are the weak and obedient. If not for politicians putting ideas in your heads. You wouldn’t be able to speak or know what to think. Living in reality, we are the strong and righteous. We care about all Americans. Unlike you guys, we don’t stop at I got mine screw you. We want everybody to have the life an American deserves. We are the true patriots. Not all that is wrong in the Republic.

        • KiltedSavage

          Says the Barry Hussein worshipping Obamabot. You limp wristed, pussified liberals will defend your messiah, regardless of the truth or his crimes. And the only Americans you wankers care about are your fellow sociailists, the flag burning, pro-pedophiles, anti-Constitution, anti-military cowards.

        • Ellen Hill

          You must be a real idiot, I use to be a Democrat until Obama and Clinton…and if you can’t make judgements on your own, after both of their track records, than you should be ashamed to call yourself an American

          • Thom Lee

            Again, no. Ashamed of people like you who have no attachment to reality and bring our great nation down. Who make America the laughing stock of the world.

          • Jonny Rebel

            Funny how everyone else here live’s in non reality BUT You…..Could be you are the one that has been fooled…

          • Arthur Facteau

            Good for you, for seeing this all for what it is!

          • Jonny Rebel

            No kidding huh? DEMexit 2016

        • Arthur Facteau

          Is that why Killery has to pay people to go to her rallies, and Trump has standing room only? Is that why Democrats are turning against her is droves, and ready to vote Trump? Is that why Killery has been caught left and right, lying, cheating, rigging polls, and the leftist Soros bought media will say nothing? Is that why even the FBI is afraid of her, as nearly everyone who comes against her winds up dead?

          You claim you and your ilk are true patriots, yet you and yours stir up hatred and discontent every where you go, make death threats, burn stuff when you don’t like something, and every damn thing is racist, no matter what it is, to the point of stirring up groups like BLM and demanding white people to become a minority, and encouraging them to kill and riot. Thats just a start. And your living in reality? You care about all Americans? Really? Look at yourself and your Socialist ilk, and blow that smoke up someone else’s pooter.

          • Thom Lee

            You prove my point unless you are actually foolish enough to believe what you just said.

          • Jonny Rebel

            Everything he said was accurate…DEM’s, I being an EX DEM because I have moral fiber, left long ago…Your base evaporated, all the poll numbers are doctored for the rig to look better..We have the Proof…Wikileaks destroyed her, she is everything a Liberal hates.. Stein 2016

        • Jonny Rebel

          You are a genius in your own mind..The next intelligent thing you say will be the first..
          You may want to help people. But DEMS want to control people..You have no idea what these people are doing under your good name…Wikileaks destroyed any chances of her winning..She is even involved with the Murder of Scalia..She is 2 different people in public and Private.. She has been PROVEN to be the most corrupt politician to ever live.

    • Jeff Hall

      People like you are the reason this country is going to hell , you don’t pay attention to what’s really going on !

      • Thom Lee

        I know it’s useless to talk to a brainwashed person but the fact of the matter is it’s you and people like you that are sending America to hell in a hand basket. None of you has any kind of grasp in reality. If not for denial and ignorance, you couldn’t make it through the day. None of you takes responsibility for the bad things your mindsets and party bring upon all of us.

        • Lord Layton

          Hillary/Oblahma has sent this country to hell in a Halloween basket. Deplorably Scary!

    • Jonny Rebel

      Being PC has you beaten into submission…Closing your eyes does not make you any safer…