Obama To Sign Executive Order Stripping Texas Of Statehood Prior To Sending In FEMA?


Texas has been at the center of attention lately, due to several reasons; historic rains and flooding, ISIS attacks, and the joint military training exercise known as Operation Jade Helm 15.

It’s this third portion of the puzzle that have many people, Texans especially, on edge. Allegedly, the Jade Helm military exercise is nothing to be worried about, but many people feel it is the prelude to Martial Law. And what happens when Martial Law ensues? At least in the U.S.? Aside from the massive disarming of citizens, FEMA steps in and takes over.

It appears that FEMA is about to step in and do just that, due to the floods, however, many feel that the Obama administration is merely using the floods as a perfect timing event to step in and take Federal control over a great, sovereign state.

Before you write everyone off who believes this as a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ it’s important to take note that Texas Governor Greg Abbot has been feeling on edge about this entire situation, just last month calling on the Texas National Guard to monitor all Jade Helm movements and exercises, as part of those exercises are said to include special forces operations units breaking into people’s cars and homes and outbuildings in order to ‘borrow’ what is needed for survival purposes.

Now, as FEMA goes in to take care of Texans due to the floods, so they say, we can only wait and see if it is true, as many outlets such as ‘Real News Right Now’ claim, that President Obama is actually going to strip Texas of Statehood before sending in the Jade Helm/FEMA troops. 

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  • mike spanjer

    take obama out he does not have the right to do this ,who in the hell does he think he is,lock and load Texas

    • FEMA steps in and takes over…Lmao! Sure they did such a great Job in New Orleans right!..ISIS can kiss our All American Ass’s! Obama is digging a hole for himself! One slip and down he goes!

    • Mike

      I think THIS info is a red herring because everyone then will be looking AT Texas, and Obama will pull something else out of his hat… NEVER watch just the right hand because you dont know what the left hand is doing this…

      Texas is not his ultimate goal… Complete control of the US is…

    • J!

      bullshit you paranoid motherfucking dumbass

    • Joe

      Read the Snopes before making a statement like that. I cant stand Obama as much as the next guy, but you should be very careful what you post on a public forum. Making statements like “take Obama out” can lead to the Gestapo (Secret Service) at your front door.


    What complete crap! You idiots that believe this $h!t should be smacked!

  • Dennis Wall

    Supposedly some Texans had a meeting trying to secede from the union not too long ago. But the feds came in and broke it up. They took pictures of everybody and recorded their IDs. I wonder if this makes Texas their own Republic like it used to be? If he strips Texas of its Statehood, he shouldn’t have any Jurisdiction over it! And so this is actually an act of War? Is that what the Enemy is doing now? It just gets crazier be the minute! LOL! Where does this info come from? Obama-Nation Land?

    • J!

      You are a dumbass

  • I’ve only got one thing to say, my grandfather told me 45 yrs ago there would be blood in the streets and on American soil. e would have another war on our own land to to prepare myself..Well I guess the ol’ man was right, cause its coming

  • Doctor Dolittle

    Hurry, get back on your medication!

  • Troy

    Let me say something if you were president or whoever is behind supposed jade helm, why would you pick texas? The most armed gun totting proud american state that is. Why not rhode island and easier states to practice in. Take out obama hes an idiot and deserves to be banned back to whatever shithole he came from. Dont let these jade helm fear mongering professionals persuade you though. Our men and women who are in the special forces are our uncles our fathers and our sons. Accusing them of being able to conduct this operation on there own families and citizens is an ingnorant tool almost as bad as obama himself.

  • Average joe

    No where in any government document gives ANY president the power to strip A state of statehood

    • J!

      No shit motherfucker

    • Wayne

      Lots of things have happened that is not in any government document, but our gutless congress allows it to happen every day.

  • Obama’s an idiot! If he’s smart, he’ll leave Texas the hell alone. Texans don’t take people breaking into their homes and vehicles lightly. If Obama sends people into Texas breaking in to their properties he’s going to get someone shot and killed. And you wouldn’t be able to blame that property owner. We have the right to protect our homes and families and we take our rights seriously!

  • bring it, Rick Perry Mentioned it a few years back if it were to happen it would be good for Texas and not for the rest-

  • Kayden

    You all got to know this isn’t a true information site right? It’s stupid to believe anything that is stated here. Especially when most of the so called report links lead to ads. Just a bunch of Republicans and Obama haters trying to make our president look bad. I have to say that Obama has been better at being president than any other that I have lived through. He has done more for our country and the GLBT community than any other.

  • daddy hinkles

    I find it hilarious that you guys call liberals “sheep”, but are the first ones to believe this kind of stuff

  • shannan jorgensen

    Obama will use a smoke screen like he did with the illegals then the muslims and now uses the weather to get people off what he is really doingor trying to do

  • Dennis Wall

    Snopes says this is Bull Spit! It Ain’t happening!!

    • Rok

      Who writes SNOPES?

  • John
  • Larry New

    Best thing that could ever happen for Texas.Then we could take his ass out if he ever entered the state.Too bad it isn’t real and we know Obama has no balls to do any such thing.

  • It’s way past time this White House Employee is removed from office….What is Congress waiting on courage????

  • Jack Combs

    The good thing is these people are idiots and easy to beat.

  • al underwood

    Texas has informed the Government, that they want their 1 billion dollars in gold returned, and meany states have ask for the same, as Texas is building a place to hold it.