Obama SECRETLY Calls 34 Governors, Does NOT Want You To Know Why

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U.S. President Hussein Obama was hoping he’d be able to eek out his remaining time in office without any more major disasters befalling his Presidency. As a man more concerned with his legacy rather than taking care of his constituents, this is of the utmost concern and no doubt keeps Hussein Obama awake at night.

Things were rolling smoothly until things escalated in Syria, and Russian President Vladimir Putin stepped in to show the weak, world leader, Hussein Obama, how a real man handles terrorists. Even then, Hussein Obama’s legacy seemed to be on the pathway of remaining intact until the Muslim attacks in Paris, then everything started falling apart.

The American people, in mass, finally realized that Hussein Obama’s plans to bring upward of 200k Muslim refugees into the U.S. from Syria was a very bad idea indeed. Several of the Muslims who were responsible for the attacks in Paris were refugees from Syria.

Fortunately for the U.S., the people talked and the Government listened. Governors so far in 34 states have said they will not allow Muslim refugees from Syria into their states and Congress passed a bill disallowing Hussein Obama’s plans to bring these Muslims into our great nation.

Obama recently had a conference call with the Governors of these 34 states, demanding they get in line, but nothing has changed in regard to their stance. Reports claim 13 of the Governors were allowed to speak on the call, and many others were rudely cut off by Hussein Obama. The good news is, that at the end of the call, everything still stands, and Hussein Obama still stands alone as the lone enemy of the state in regard to his desire to bring these dirty Muslim refugees into our great nation.

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  • Mike Davis

    Its Over Obama, everyone knows your Plan! disguised as ‘diversity”. Its really a planned invasion. A real intelligent American would not have let things get this far degraded. Oops forgot Your the One that DID, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and the great Iran Deal to cause all of the Chaos. Your handlers are proud of you. Muslim Brotherhood will give you their award. Think maybe the Military has had enough of You too!