Obama Says ISIS ‘Not Islamic,’ Here’s What He Hopes You NEVER Find Out

isis not islamic

While the world stands on the brink of ruin at the hands of Muslim terrorists, going by the name ISIS this time around, though they’ve gone by Al Qaeda, Taliban, Abu Sayiff, P.L.O. and hundreds if not thousands of others throughout the inception of Islam, U.S. President B. Hussein Obama, a practicing Muslim himself, spends his time trying to convince us all that ISIS is not Islamic, or in more plain terms, these evil-doers are not Muslims.


 It’s hard to rebuke these following facts:

We would all consider the Arabs of Saudi Arabia, our strong oil allies at least, to be about as “moderate” as you can get in the world of Islam. Here’s a list of things you can be beheaded for in Saudi Arabia:

not muslim 1

Now, compare those offenses with the offenses you can get beheaded for under ISIS rule:

not muslim 2

Do they look the same? It’s because they are!

So B. Hussein Obama! Tell us more about his ISIS is not Islamic!

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  • billwhit

    Don’t expect Obama to ever tell us American Infidels the Truth! He uses Taqiyya, which allows him to LIE as much as he likes as long as he is advancing the cause of Islam, and everything Obama does is to advance that sick, perverted Cult of Death! Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul and Allah is nothing more than Satan himself, thus, all the perverted, sick, horrible acts within that cult. Islam is incompatible with any other religions or laws and needs to be banned from the borders of the USA! Freedom of Religion, yes, but if the so-called “holy” book of Islam, the Koran, tells it’s followers to enslave or kill all those who do not believe the same way, then that sick belief should not be allowed within our Nation! ISIS is Islam in it’s most pure form! And Obama is an abomination of Islam!