Obama Quietly Orders One Billion Dollars Worth Of Disposable FEMA Coffins

Fema coffins

There has been not only talk, but evidence, lately, that FEMA and Obama’s corrupt administration is purchasing large numbers of body bags and coffins (see story here). The question is, who are they for? Another question has recently been answered, that question being, “do they have even more, and if so, where are they putting them?” Here’s a video of where the coffins are being stored in plain sight in the U.S., but check out the story beneath it for where the real treasure trove is being kept!

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Steve Quayle, a local media outlet in Puerto Rico, reports the following:

I have recently read reports stating that body bags and supplies are being shipped into Puerto Rico. These reports have been confirmed by Military and Medical insiders.

The government of Puerto Rico first denied the report and then retracted. I work with many people from Puerto Rico. Apparently the folks on the Island are starting to freak out.

One of my co-workers approached me this morning to ask me if I know anything about a meteor that was going to hit the Atlantic and create a 200 FT Tsunami, wiping out PR and much of the East Coast.

He further explained that the local media, Red Live News was reporting that this event “will” take place in Late Sept./Early Oct.

His Grandmother called from Puerto Rico this weekend with what the local media is reporting. My friend also stated that many of his family members are on their way to Continental US to escape this pending event.

Is this why FEMA Region III is going into emergency mode?

I have several people that work for me from Puerto Rico and five more confirmed this story. This story has been all over the news in Puerto Rico as reported by WEPA News and Red Live News.

One guy that works for me said his mother and 2 sisters are moving up here to Pennsylvania immediately. Another guy that works for me said his uncle is a police officer and provided escort for the Body Bags/Coffins from the airport to the Navy Base.

I was approached with this info by very concerned brothers from the Puerto Rico. Many of my co-workers are making calls back to the island tonight. I will have more info tomorrow. You don’t have to believe me; take it to the lord in prayer. If you can’t at least do that, then you must be a shill or a fool. God help us.

Rob from PA

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  • Henry

    25 million executions is their goal.

  • Marjie

    That article was from 2013, it’s nothing new. Y’all keep spreading this rumor around and fear-mongering. It needs to stop. You’re part of the problem, not the solution!