Obama Makes MASSIVE Move Against Gun-Lovers Who Make Their Own Ammo

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B. Hussein Obama is the greatest threat to National Security, though he very cheekily claims that global warming is. A close number two would be radical Islamic terrorists, but he refuses to even say these words in the same sentence, but that is, of course, because he is the leader of the radical Islamic terrorists. One needs to look no further for proof of this than by simply looking at the fact that he created ISIS. He armed them, funded them and then trained them. He apologizes to the Muslim community every time one of their fold commits an act of terror either at home or abroad, because of how it taints their image.

Hussein Obama is certainly no fan of the second amendment, either. His administration has recently allowed a law to be enacted that will make it even more apparent.

The state of Indiana just passed a law that will allow a serial number marking on all ammunition. This way, gun owners will have even less privacy, and thus, less freedom.

Why is it so important to Hussein Obama that a specific serial number be places on each bullet when the overwhelming evidence suggests that a Muslim with a  gun is more dangerous than a lone bullet in the hands of a law abiding, legal American citizen?

If Hussein Obama is so intent on claiming that the actions of one Muslim should not bring about a bad reputation for all Muslims, isn’t it about time he show the same respect for gun owners?

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  • Alan Lee

    There will be a prosperous black market in ammunition run by not just patriots in the US. but international cartels as well….