Obama Makes DISGUSTING COMMENT About Little Boy Who Was Beheaded

obama comment beheaded boy

If you’ve not heard, this week, the “moderate” Muslim rebels in Syria, who have been trained, armed and further financially supported by U.S. President, Hussein Obama, the first Muslim President in U.S. history, decapitated a ten year old boy.


Now, here comes the sick statement Hussein Obama made after the beheading via his State Department, once headed by Democratic Presidential nominee, Crooked Hillary Clinton.

“The U.S. is unsure whether or not to suspend aid to the rebels.”

Yup. There you have it, folks.

These animals, who are not “moderate,” but Muslim in the purest and only form, decapitate a baby boy, and the U.S. Government agency who made it all possible is unsure whether or not to keep supporting them.

This shouldn’t even be questioned! All aid should stop immediately, and these evil doers should be placed in the cross hairs, just like the other evil doers.

Can you say, “melt sand, make glass?”

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