Obama Has A Big Problem: There Is A Letter Spreading Worldwide About: Trump, His Birth Certificate And The Tea Party!!!

By King of Shambhala  (I announce the Apocalypse and Revelation as a Buddhist reluctantly delving into the Christian Apocalypse as a Messenger of it.) 


An anonymous letter is circulating around the world:



I think the big surprise is that Trump’s so high in the polls and he can maybe fall back down again but he’ll take Obama with him this time.


Last time, he backed off when he forced Obama to produce the phoney document that’s now on the gov website.


Trump couldn’t confront the US gov on a forgery: that would have dragged him away; it would have been too dangerous.


So he backed off.


But this time he’s avoiding the birth issue – but if he starts falling in the polls he’ll have no choice but to reveal Obama’s birth fraud.


So we’re sitting upon a tinderbox and there’s nothing that can save Obama.


Trump will put up a fight because Obama humiliated him publically four years ago.


So they’ve painted themselves into a corner: either Trump goes forward in the polls but he’s not a real politician and if things turn bad for him, he’ll let loose on the birth certificate.


But while things are at a standstill and Trump and Obama face each other down, the birth issue is simmering at the surface.


It’s seeping out of the woodwork all by itself.


It’s a skeleton coming out of the closet quietly, without anyone seeing it come.


It’s creeping up on the world and will explode shortly: worldwide.


This is the biggest scandal of all the USA’s total history. Arpaio’s tiptoed into the frame of the Trump Presidential Campaign – when Arpaio went on stage with Trump in Phoenix, Arizona.


Now Arpaio’ll spread his wings inside the Trump campaign. He’ll bring his deputies with him to spread the birth certificate news worldwide. So, Trump’s campaign is now taken over by the Birthers and Tea Party….they operated the junction in Phoenix on Saturday, yesterday. Obama’s got a lose-lose situation facing him 1. with the birth issue spreading through the Trump campaign slowly and silently (with Arpaio and the Tea Party) 2. or else Obama attacks Trump and Trump may chose to go on the offensive about the birth certiifcate 3. or else the third case is that Trump starts losing ground to the other Republicans (or he gets tired of doing politics, 24 7) and then he decides that he’ll drag Obama down with him while he’s still in the headline news.


In all three scenarios, Obama’ll be revealed as a fraud.


Trump’s got all the cards in hand…. but they’re all bad options, whichever it may be.


Why? Because in all events the USA is done.


That’s because the whole wide world will know that 1.Obama’s a fraud and 2. that the USA is rotted to the core because it allowed an undocumented alien to be president and access the full military power and National Defense.  Trump’s in front of a dilemma and difficult choice. If Obama’s revealed as a fraud he’s facing several consecutive life terms handed down by the courts because he’s committed felonies by using  a fake birth certificate and then showing that on the government website. But that all boils down to High Treason charges and US courts can’t rule on that without making that be charges of ”Espionnage” and Treason sentences which beget life in jail with out any possible bail.


Trump won’t “Make the USA great again” as he claims. You can’t rebuild after rot. Trump’s in an unhappy place. He’s got to pull the plug on the USA and Obama. But he can’t just cave in, and give up saying: ”The Mafia (with Obama who’s a Mob-fraud) now rules the USA.”



News that Obama’s the Antichrist is spreading to the world fast. Trump’s face-off with Obama is just the last step of the Revelation. Arpaio and Trump are probably the Two Witnesses of the Bible who reveal and defeat the Antichrist. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are maybe the black “heroes” that preceeded Obama and that have brought shame to the black race.

A French video says Obama was called out as the Antichrist.


Le président Obama est appelé l’Antichrist sur une chaîne nationale – “Plus que 4 ans” = Sept2015


King of Shambhala biography: I was born in the USA to US-Norwegian parents and we moved to France when I was 7. I did my schooling in French and studied Tibetan language and culture at university of which Tibetan Tantric Buddhism the world’s highest form of culture. I did an eight-month meditation-retreat upon the deity Naljorma and did 28 years of post-university research upon the Tibetan Apocalypse deity Kalachakra. My life turned around when I realized that 666 was drawn in the lottery of Obama’s hometown the next day after his election which makes him the most probable candidate for Antichrist that history has ever seen and ever will see.

(I’m a 45-year religious of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, the highest form of culture in the world. The Christian Apocalypse is outside my field. But I am alone to reveal that Obama’s the Antichrist by relying upon the 666 omen found in Obama’s hometown’s Lottery, the day after Obama’s election.

Why am I nevertheless involved in the Christian Apocalypse? Because it’s linked to my own Buddhist Apocalypse prophecy Kalachakra and here is that reason:  – so as also to explain away criticism from the forces who support Obama – here is the reason… I use the Christian word “Antichrist” because the Buddhist Apocalypse prophecy “Kalachakra” predicts the announced evil Demon-King Krinmati.  The Buddhist Kalachakra will thus combat that partly  demon: Obama the Antichrist. Obama indeed, has a varied creed of all and many faiths which are all mixed together. The Kalachakra prophecy doesn’t predict the coming of the Messiah nor Jesus but the coming of the King of Shambhala, me, the World Saviour [from the Buddhist perspective].)

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  • Nameless

    The truth will be good for the country.
    The rot needs to be cleaned up so we can rebuild stronger and better.
    Lies will not get to slink back to darkness…not this time.