Obama Grants Citizenship To 102 Criminal Religious Refugees; You Will NOT Believe Why


Authorities have decided to pardon and grant citizenship to a criminal ring of illegal immigrants in Massachusetts. The ring consists of fifty men and nineteen women mainly in their thirties.[1] Fourteen adolescents and nineteen children have been identified with the ring as well. Three of the women were pregnant at the time of their arrival; their two surviving children were publicly declared citizens at birth.


Among them are 44 religious separatists known in their nation of origin for destruction of public property and willful disobedience of local and national laws regarding religious tolerance and freedom of speech.[2] Among their main religious tenets are strict adherence to an anti-Semitic[3] and Communist[4] document they crafted themselves[5] which outlines in excruciating detail the laws and way of life they force on themselves and everyone around them. Punishment for disobedience to these rules is usually corporal in nature: public humiliation, dismemberment, and death.


Their blatant disregard for America is obvious from their declared purpose: To force Americans off their land and enforce the strict and demanding rule of their religion on the entire world.[6]  Among those who are not sought for religious crimes in their home country are those with purely exploitive purposes, whose aim is to siphon off America and send the proceeds of their ill gotten wealth back to their mother country.


Allegations of grave robbery, theft, kidnapping, human trafficking, and manslaughter, as well as outright homicide, have been levied against the ring.[7] Despite more than sufficient evidence, the State has decided to grant them clemency because they represent and support the current regime.

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Below is an image of these heinous criminals.


Be very careful of who is telling whose story and what they are trying to say about it, friends… “spin” can be very powerful when combined with an adequate grasp of language.

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