4 Frightening Facts About American Islamists Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know!!



How many times have you heard Obama and the left saying “Islam is a religion of peace” or been called an Islamophobe for wanting to secure our borders?  Too many to count, right?  Well, here’s four facts about American Muslims that confirm what we have known all along.

American Muslims are 5,000 percent more likely to carry out a terror attack than non-Muslim Americans.  Although American Muslims only account for about 1% of our population, they have committed about half of all terrorists attacks since 9/11.

The majority of Muslims in America want Sharia law.  51% of American Muslims want the choice to be governed by Sharia and 24% of these people believe that violence against Americans is okay if it’s part of global jihad.

A large percentage of Muslims in, and coming to, America support ISIS.  About 15% of Muslims around the world support ISIS, that’s about a quarter billion people.

The Obama Administration continues to import thousands of Muslims who want Sharia law over our Constitution.  From 2009-2013, the U.S. has given green cards to over 200,000 Afghans, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Turs and Khazaks. 

Sane, rational people are asking why are they coming here if they want what they had there?  It could be that they’re just ignorant of our culture and decide they don’t like it after they’ve been here.  Or , it could be a reason (or two) that’s much more evil.

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