Obama Didn’t Want Anyone To See This Footage – See It Before It’s Deleted

obama didn't want video seen

B. Hussein Obama has done it again! He’s used his treacherous means to hide something from the American people that they have every right to see!

Perhaps this video will show up when the FBI finally gets around to scrubbing Hillary’s server. It doesn’t help that her aides can just get up and walk out of their interviews if they ask questions they don’t want to answer. Hell, if you or I did that, they’d slap us in the cuffs before we got out the door. But as we all know, things work differently for the evil-doers in power.

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  • Only reason the warning is placed on this video is because Obama’s ilk don’t want it spread! We are under the most Tyrannical Administration ever to be in power in our Nation and it needs to be brought to an end, with Obama, Hillary, and the majority of this criminal administration placed behind bars! Only good Obama or Hillary will ever do for out Nation is to Die, hopefully, they will do that soon!