Obama Did NOT Want You To See What CA Jihadi Posted On Facebook

obama cali jihadi post

Anytime Muslims carry out the teachings of their book of hate, the Quran, the first thing U.S. President B. Hussein Obama, the first Muslim President of the U.S., does, is go out of his way to make sure the people of the United States understand, that the murderous dog responsible for their heinous act did not act as they did because they were Muslim.

Sorry Hussein Obama, but you cannot fool us any more. It’s too obvious war has been declared on non-Muslims and we can no longer listen to your lies if we are to remain alive.

Hussein Obama has diligently been having his FBI and online screening teams erase ANY and ALL evidence of the San Bernardino shooters’ ties with Islam, but fortunately, we were able to gather proof of some of it before it was erased. Just before the shooting, the female Muslim dog went to social media to pledge her allegience to ISIS, and the couple clearly stated they were carrying out their murderous acts in the name of Islam! Even the FBI has announced that they are now pursuing this crime as an act of terror.

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