Obama Classmate Claims He Is A Lying, Crack Smoking, Homosexual Foreigner!!!

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Mia Marie Pope talks about Obama when he was a teenage boy named Barry Soetoro . She describes him as an habitual liar, cocaine using, homosexual,  foreign teenager.



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  • SunshineSunshineSunshine

    Who cares where your next puppet prez was born you amero dirt shits? You did not care to find out who did the 9/11 the Inside Job? You did not care to find out who is spraying you with the most nasty chemicals in the now worldwide program known as “chemtrails” as in chemical trails? Then why would you care who had a homosexual relationship with whom? Find out who the Puppet master is instead. You are a parody of a demo crazy. mThe whole world is laughing at you…. losers.

    • spankee

      Your name sure dont suit you….

      • SunshineSunshineSunshine

        Good follow up, that matches your IQ.

        • spankee

          Judging from how you express yourself I imagine you are heavily medicated…… Good luck you miserable troll

          • SunshineSunshineSunshine

            Typical comment when brain size is reduced and imagination is lacking. I am not Anglophone, just barely speaking it. I speak 8 languages only.

          • spankee

            Funny you come across a bit differently,, but have a great day “sunshine”. Only people with no soul come online and talk down and call people names. This shows what little emotional IQ you have…. U may wish to work on your people skills…

          • SunshineSunshineSunshine

            Dude, you started calling names. Also, the article is insulting an elected official that majority of the nation elected and calling him such names is really not nice, speaking softly.

          • trustnooneinpower

            he’s still a crack smoking cocksucker!

          • Not a Anglophone? Obamaphone. I see. Nobody is hating on your Mack Daddy. And you can still marry the person of your choice, You just have bright, sunshine day ok.😎

          • Don Gaffney

            None of them well. You hide behind no picture and an insipid user ID because nutless neuters like yourself are so ineffectual and impotent in real life that this is your only means of getting attention. Maybe if you crawled out of the hole you lived in and practiced some personal hygiene you could at least get the other vermin your house to pay attention to you. Oh, this is 3 months old. Youre probably already in jail for perusing farm porn (if thats considered a crime and not an accepted pass time in whatever third world hovel you live in.). Later, bottom feeder.

        • Carl Bedwell


          • SunshineSunshineSunshine

            Mad, insane Santa Clozet

    • Joe McGee

      Lay off the drugs…

      • SunshineSunshineSunshine

        What better reply could you come up if you were off drugs… type it and lose consciousness…

      • SunshineSunshineSunshine

        I don’t know any drugs, grew up without knowing any, if you do drugs why don’t you keep them to yourself crackhead?

    • S Edward Meek

      Prove it sunshine…

  • Old report but good.

  • always admired Rev Manning.

  • Thomas Pyke


  • Scot Williams

    Why Now do you Tell this story . when America need to hear this while Obama was still a Congress man . Glenn Beck was telling everyone back and had proof that Obama had a membership to a Elite Gay Club in Chicago. And that rumors that Mrs Obama is not really a women . but a transgender and he has been on mission in the last few years for all the Gay and Lesbian and Transgender and I always knew why . he is gay . WE have the First Gay Muslim President in History.

    • SunshineSunshineSunshine

      Obama held his hands down (on his schlong) when US Anthem was playing. Remember? He’s just a puppet and an indicator that zionists are about to destroy the western world and to take out the “whites”. Mass uncontrolled third world immigration, destruction of currencies, artificial everlasting economic crisis, armed conflicts, its all designed fro that purpose.

  • Todd Cordell

    how come she did not come out before he was elected

  • charles

    FBI is unreliable unless you got lots of payoff money

  • charles


  • Mike E Hedenberg

    And what did we the people did not already know about Obama we all know Mooch is a guy