Obama Caught On Camera Doing The Unthinkable In Cuba – He’s Betrayed Us All

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U.S. President B. Hussein Obama has shown more of his true colors as of late by taking a trip to Cuba to visit his Communists friends. He’s the first President to visit Cuba in 90 years. For the last 50 years, every other U.S. President has ignored Cuba to the point of not even mentioning them, and getting up and walking out at the annual U.N. summits when anyone from Cuba take the podium to speak.

Hussein Obama took his love of Communism and his disrespect of America and freedom to a new height while in Cuba in posing for this photo.

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Have a zoomed in view:

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For those of you among the younger generation who don’t know much about Che Guevara, other than he’s on all those pot smoker’s shirts, here’s a brief history by way of media outlet “Town Hall.”

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Here’s what the picture should really look like.

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