Obama Assassination Is Ready To Happen??? Clinton Will Be Involved!!!


Prophet Linda Newkirk has had many visions and prophecies about Obama, including ones of his death by assassination. In her visions are three of the past Presidents. There’s George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, and all are thought to be in on the plan to murder Obama.  She also has had visions for the deaths of the former Presidents.

Obama has not taken the opportunity to call off the FBI investigation of Hillary, and this is going to cause him problems. God revealed to Linda in these visions that Obama has been controlled by two Satanic factions. One is the Rothschild family, with the help of the Queen of England. The other is the Bush/Clinton cabal that is lined up with the Rockefeller family and the Satanic New World Order. Obama has been forced to placate both of these factions.



It has been revealed that at least 1 of the former living presidents would be involved in his murder, but it’s most likely that all three will be, minus the fourth, Jimmy Carter.

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  • Ted Smith


  • dapa

    Don’t know if she was able to see the future or not, but I think what she said would be obvious and most likely, considering his popularity status and what his leadership has done to this country.

  • dapa

    Don’t know if she has seen the future, but it seems most likely to happen, maybe not by the two mentioned, but others, Considering his unpopularity with the way he governed the country and divided the people, I would not be surprised.

  • PJ Thompson

    this is not the first time i’ve heard about this possibility….personally i think he’s trying to take power that has not been formally given to him by the elites…

  • Mary Garrison

    what are they waiting for….?

  • Wes Schoeberlein

    Let it be, let it be, let it be………….

    • Tiger

      Millions of us have prayed daily for it. God did a job on the Pagans in the Old Testament, the Christians took care of the Muslims in the Crusades and O is pure evil. Lots of enemies everywhere. What is taking so long.

  • skullcap420


  • wickie

    It is true it is going to happen in 2016 around the time he goes to India and Pakestian. It is biblical. it is in the bible codes

    • Jeanne Bergren

      The Bible also says he will be resurrected for all the world to see and he will be the antichrist- end times will start. Better get our houses in order for God is coming again soon.

  • Tiger

    Awaiting the day it happens to make it a National Holiday in my family.

  • Jeanne Bergren

    i find this hard to believe.

  • disqus_szhU3regOn

    Let it be true, please please !!! Get rid of that black bastard and move his “family” out of the White House. Of course it would have to be aired out and throughly cleaned after the leave.

  • Charlotte Sunny Youngblood

    wish they would put dates on their posts

  • Jim, A TRUE patriot

    Just wishful thinking…