Now Her Family Will Forever Regret Not Talking Her Out Of Volunteering At The Refugee Center

killed by Muslims

Though most people who still have a brain cell or two left know that the mass refugee invasion of Europe, and soon to be U.S., can have no happy ending. However, there are still some among the crowd who are young and naive enough to believe that the refugees are just misunderstood. They just want the same things we do. Once they adjust to our civilized way of living, they’ll drop their nasty third world habits like pissing in the streets, raping women and underage girls upon site, and believing a sick twisted ideology that calls for the death of anyone else who doesn’t follow it.

That’s what 22 year old Alexandra Mezher, above, of Sweden thought before volunteering at a youth refugee Asylum in that country. Mezher, referred to as an ‘angel’ by those who knew her, looked for the good in people, and thought she could help some of the young Muslims in the centers overcome their heathen belief systems, if only they were shown love and care.

On Monday, a 15 year old Muslim refugee murdered her in the youth center by stabbing her to death with a knife!

Sweden, per capita, has taken in more refugees than any other nation in Europe. However, they have come to regret their stance on the asylum seekers after seeing rape, murder and other violent crimes jump in their country at the hands of the third world Muslim peasants. They reversed their stance in the fall and are now trying to keep the Muslims out, though 160,000 have already made their way in, as has the evils they brought with them.

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